Monday, September 6, 2010

Swim Lessons!

We finally made up the last two sessions of swim lessons right before we headed back home. Landon had so much fun learning how to swim. I don't trust him in deep water by himself, but he is comfortable in the water now and doesn't get scared quite so quick.

This was the first day. He was still a little scared, but he did great!

They did back & front floats, then back & front kicks in the water.

By the end he was so comfortable in the water that while his cousin was out doing the drills he would be on the side dunking his head and swimming along the edge.

Doing the drills with his teacher. She was so good with them...but she never even told me her name. lol.

Landon & Skyler on their last day. They did so well. I'm so proud of them.


Miranda said...

He is so cute!!! Swimming lessons are so much fun plus they're very good for kids to learn about water safety, etc :-)

Anonymous said...

Look at that smile!!! Love it.

The boys have been with their little floaties all summer in the water. lol They love it and have *no* fear of the water, which at this age scares ME. I'd rather they have at least a healthy fear. We have to be ever watchful around nana's pool.