Monday, December 29, 2008


Hes gone again. Under the water. But this time the next time I talk to him it will be face to face!

Justin and I had a great time getting to talk while he was in port. I got to see him on the web cam which is always great and he got to talk to Landon a lot. He bought me all of my Christmas gifts while they were in port and in a few days boxes will start coming to the door and it will take everything for me to not rip them open!

Landon and I had a great Christmas. He got a lot of really great stuff and I can't believe he will get even more when his Dad gets home. Both our families sent us gifts so I had a few things to open and of course Justin had a few things here for me. But still it didn't quite feel like Christmas. Justin and I have been together for every Christmas since 2002 and being apart was just so...well different. I'm glad that he will be home soon so we can exchange gifts and watch Landon open everything together.

Due to Justin being gone I didn't even really feel like taking pictures of Landon opening everything. I took a few but not much. Here is one of him opening his stocking. He is wearing his PJ's that his dad got for him.


AndreaLeigh said...

i'm so sorry! that day is always hard.