Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I miss him!

It was so great talking to Justin again. I miss him more then ever and I can't wait for him to be I say that a lot. But here are a few funny pictures from today.

It is late there so all the lights were off in the lobby, so he found a lamp so Landon could see him. Landon is ready to have his daddy back, and talks about it all the time.

This is Justin watching the Elf yourself that I made. This was right after he saw himself doing the "titty" shake (his words not mine).

And this is my sweet husband begging me to delete the picture I took of him flashing the camera. Who knew if I told him to show me his nipples that he actually would...hahaha ok I kinda knew he would that's why I was ready with the camera button. Ehh but at least it wasn't a picture of something REALLY dirty....he doesn't go for that. hahaha.


~His~ said...

a few more deployments you might be flashing him!!!

Sheena Marie said...

I miss my lover too...