Sunday, December 7, 2008


I knew this morning as soon as I woke up that it had snowed. My room was just a little too bright for it to be 8:30. Sure enough we had almost 3 inches! Landon was so excited he couldn't wait to try out his new snow suit. Every year on the first snow we wake up, I make Landon pancakes, he goes out and plays and comes into a cup of tea and a Christmas movie then for dinner we will eat Cocoa and toast. So right now we are watching "Mickeys Christmas" and drinking apple cinnamon tea. I just wish Justin was here to share in our special day with us. OK on to pictures!

What I woke up to this morning.

Finley and Hundley decided to join in on the fun.

Landon getting ready to go outside.

Almost done!!

A picture for daddy.

All ready to go!

That boy and his dog, I swear they go everywhere together. I thought Humee might get cold so I made him stay inside, but he whined at the door until I would let him go be with Landon. I swear they can't be apart for anything. They even sleep in Landon's bed together every night.

He hated that coat until he noticed how cold it was, now he won't fight me when I put it on him.

Landon cracks me up. He loves the snow so I guess its a good thing we live in New England. lol.


Sheena Marie said...

CUTE! But I think Hundley needs a more manly coat!

Bri0213 said...

I'm sad I missed the first snow!!!! I'm glad it at least snowed here too, Can't wait to be home on Thursday!!

Anonymous said...

aww that's so cute!!

yeah i noticed it was a bit different when i woke up. i looked out my window (upside down as i'm laying in bed and noticed everything was so bright and....white???) it was exciting!