Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cupcakes & Underways

My husband is gone again. He shouldn't be gone long and I'm taking this as a time to get the house cleaned and ready for him to be home for a while!

Every time they leave, I go down to watch the boat go out to sea. It makes it a little easier to handle knowing he's gone and not just sitting down on the base(because they NEVER leave on time).

This time, I couldn't chase the boat all the way out. You see, it was Landon's birthday. While some would say that it sucks that they left on his birthday, my husband was overjoyed. They were going to leave a day earlier, which would have meant that he would have missed L's b-day for the first time. They left late and J got to spend the morning with our little boy. It's one of those small things that you are forever grateful for. Six Birthdays and not one of them missed.


I watched them pull out. Then headed on my way to Little's school.

He was so excited that I came in. I was there to help for a bit, then passed out cupcakes and juice.

I love the crown they made him! He was loving all the attention.

On their birthdays, the kids get to lead everyone in singing happy birthday. It was super cute!

Cupcakes and juice!

Normally I would have made the cupcakes, but due to the NASTY weather, preparing for underway and no school.....I bought them. Landon was excited that he got football cupcakes(his birthday always falls before/on Superbowl weekend. We decided when he was born that we are taking him TO the Superbowl for his 16th birthday...lets hope he likes football!)

When we got home he got a delivery from his Grandparents! He loved it! It's huge and only about half gone! Haha.


Eights on the Move said...

Edible Arrangements are the BEST! So happy for your family that everyone got to spend your son's birthday together - by coincidence of the Navy schedule! :)

Jennifer said...

Best wishes for his underway! Glad it's not a long one :)