Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rainforest Cafe!

Every year we take Landon to the Rainforest Cafe. I thought it was only since we moved here, but when we thought about it we realized it's been EVERY year! Crazy!

It's our little tradition to go up for dinner then we let Landon pick ANYTHING he wants from the Disney store.(this year we got  off REALLY lucky. All he wanted was a $12 stuffed animal!)

This year the B's came with us. they had never been there before and it was so fun going with them for their first time.

Our view from our table. We had a huge table in the back right next to the elephants! (if you've never been, every 30 min they have a mock "storm" where the lights flash and all the animals move and make noise. It's great!)

This was right above out table!

My boys!

L is getting good at taking pictures! Haha.

For some reason, we never tell them it's his birthday. this year we changed that. He loved it! From now on we know!


We ALL shared this since it's HUGE!!

Lan and I were taking a picture when Bitsy told us that she really wanted a picture with us to! I love her!

Future Mr. & Mrs? Haha.

Me and the Birthday boy!

J decided he wanted to drink L's ice cream. Grossest thing I've ever seen!

All of us after dinner! We had so much fun. Everything is better when great friends come along!

The elephant right by our table!

We really love going up there for dinner! I hope wherever we move next has one close by or I don't know what we will do!


Amanda said...

that's awesome!
i've never been, but I have always wanted to go. and that volcano looks SO GOOOOOOD!

Michelle D. said...

I went to a Rainforest Cafe for Thanksgiving with my family last year. We were at Disney. It is awesome! And it's so much better when you can share with friends.