Monday, February 21, 2011

Book Review: I Am Number Four

My book club(the BBC) just got done with another book! This month we read I Am Number Four.

Here is a little bit I found about the book.

Despite the amazing powers that many of the people of Lorien possess, the planet was defeated and its natural resources looted by Mogadorians in a matter of days. Only nine children escaped with their guardians to Earth, where they planned to hide until they developed their powers in order to defeat their enemies and revive Lorien. The Mogadorians hunt the Nine and have already killed three of them. And that's just the backstory. When Number Four, bearing the name "John Smith," moves to Paradise, OH, he runs afoul of the school bully, falls for the most beautiful girl in town, and befriends the local alien conspiracy nerd in short order. There is plenty of great action, but the dialogue is average, as is the character development. With its interesting premises and a fast-pace telling, the story will grab readers who are willing to suspend quite a bit of disbelief. Others, who like their science fiction with a bit more science and internal logic, will have to search elsewhere

I had high hopes for this book. Really high. It had been recomended to me by a few different people and I was excited to read it.

It was a let down.

What I liked:
The basis of the story was great!
It's different then other things out there right now
It kept me reading(for the most part)

What I disliked:
Under developed characters
Slow plot(in parts)
Undertones of "save the planet"
Lackluster ending

The book builds to the end(as all books seem to so), but it was a let down when you got there. I found myself being able to skim the pages IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CLIMAX OF THE BOOK! EEkkkk!

I feel like they could have done it a little better. BUT I have to admit my thoughts of the book might have a little to do with the Author. Does anyone remember the A Million Little Pieces by James Frey scandal? I do. For the most part, I don't let things like that cloud my judgement, but this did. Anyway, after reading this book, I found the autors name a little odd(even more so since it was used in the book!) so I looked it up. Come to find out Pitticus Lore is just James Freys pen name(probably because he's a dirt bag and knows no one wants to read his stuff).

If it weren't for the autor I think I would have given this book half a star more.....

I give it 3/5 stars.


Jenn said...

I actually thought that he did a good job developing Henri's character...but he was probably the only character that seemed like a real person to me. I really appreciated Henri and John's relationship seemed real to me. :)

I agree with pretty much everything else you said though! Good review!