Friday, February 4, 2011

Nicholas Sparks Reading Challenge!

So far, I have read two books! I'm trying to read 2 month until I'm we will see if I can do it!

First I'm reading all the books that I have the movie versions of and watching the movies when I'm done with them! It's fun for me to see whats different about them, so I'm going to add what I likes/disliked about the difference! Don't read if you don't want spoilers!

First up!

A Walk to Remember:

I LOVE this movie and books. It's one of the first DVD's I owned. Haha. The book and movie are a lot alike. Here are the biggest differences:

*In the book the orphanage was a main part of Jamie's life, not so much in the movie.
*The whole "Money in the jar" thing wasn't in the movie at all and it was such a sweet part of the book.
*Landon's(no we did not get Little's name from this book/movie) Dad had a whole other part in the movie. I like the movie way a little better.
*The year of the movies was way off. Which made things a little different.
*Landon's roll in the play was for way different reasons.

I love this book. As with all NS books, it has a sad ending. I do have to say that that's maybe why I love reading his books. They aren't always perfect. It's not always a fairytale, but you will have learned something by reading it. This one taught you that love can come in any shape and size and sometimes when you're not expecting it, but it will take you over.

All in all I loved the book and I loved reading it again! I would give it 4/5 stars total!

The Last Song:

*Ronnie's image in the movie is a little "less hard" than in the book.
*The way people thought the fire started was different(I hated everyone thinking her dad did it!)
*Marcus was less creepy in the movie.

I loved them both. Not as many big differences in the movie but I think that's because it was done different. The Last Song was written as a screenplay before it was a book. Miley Cyrus had expressed interest in doing one of his "teen" movies, so he wrote this for her to play Ronnie. Then went back and wrote the book(or did he do them at the same time?).

I again would give this one 4/5 stars!


Jacee said...

I actually just watched The Last Song a couple days ago, I cried like a little baby. After I had watched the movie I thought I should read all of his books since I liked The Notebook, The Last Song and Dear John. But I'm on a new kick with the author of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. It's a thriller.
I had to watch the movie first sine the author is Swedish, I think, and I couldn't get into the book. But after watching it, reading it makes more sense.
Anyways, have fun with your reading =].

Jennifer said...

I really enjoy most of Nicholas Sparks' books too. My favorite is definitely The Wedding! It's awesome! But as much as I love Nicholas Sparks, my favorite books are by Sarah Addison Allen. Oh, she is wonderful! Whenever she comes out with a new novel, I can not put it down! You must read her books, Garden Spells, The Sugar Queen and The Girl Who Chased The Moon. She has a new one coming out in March called The Peach Keeper and I am so excited! Nice to see that some people still enjoy a good book!

Lauren Peterson said...

OMG I LOOOOOOOOVE Nicholas Sparks.... I have every book and the one that I read over and over is "the wedding"!!! I cry every time....