Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I am not a sheep. I lead. My son? Not so much.

A few months back Little went to his first "friend from school" birthday party. He had the time of his life.  So when it came time to plan his own party.....he wanted the same exact thing.  I get it, having a birthday in the winter is hard for a kid. Not much to choose from. So we did Monster Mini Golf just like his friend did. Thank goodness I know the mother and she didn't care one bit.

You get the room for 90 minutes. Then all the kids get to go mini golf!

Little before the party started!

He wanted a Monster theme since it was Monster Mini Golf.

My rule on birthdays: Every even year we do a big party out in "town". When we do this I buy everything. I don't stress and make everything. On the odd years we do a party at home where I do EVERYTHING. It's crazy hectic when we do it at home(but cost a LOT less). So every other year is a perfect mix!

Coldstone cake! It was frozen solid when the poor kids were trying to eat it. I felt a little bad. lol.


Our little family!

Golfing! So much fun!

Me and my little(not so little) boy!

Hahaha. Because it was his birthday he got to pull on the tickets! He ended up getting over 500 of them right here! He loved it.

The troll in the middle of the golf course.

Lan & Bitsy! I can't say it enough, but they are so close. I love that even with the age gap they are best friends.

L golfing.

Daddy & boy. I love that J got to be here for his party. We've gotten really lucky and so far J hasn't missed a single birthday(of Little's).

Me & Bri! I love her! They spent Little's whole birthday weekend with us and it was amazing!

Me and my man!


We had so much fun! After golfing we played games for another hour or so. Lots of money and a bunch of crap toys later we were home.

Little's birthday isn't for a few more days.....but it's sinking in that he's growing so fast. He's going to be our only, so I'm making sure to love every moment of this!


Bri0213 said...

I love this. AND I love that we got to celebrate ALL weekend with you guys :)

Amanda said...

wow! that's super cute and looks like so much fun!!!

Jenn said...

What a fun birthday!! great idea and glad it was a good time!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that your little family was altogether to celebrate Landon's sixth birthday. That is amazing that your husband has never missed any of Landon's birthdays! I am a navy wife on the west coast, and knowing firsthand how difficult the navy life is, I am truly thankful it has not been as hard as it could be to you and your family.

KK said...

It is hard though. While we are so grateful that he's never missed little's birthday, he's missed Christmas, Thanksgiving, Almost every anniversary and mine & his birthdays. For some reason we've gotten really lucky with Little's.