Friday, February 25, 2011

Want to do a guest post?

Does anyone want to do a guest post on my blog?

I've been thinking about doing one on here for a while now....and if you want to, let me know! If you have an idea let me know what it is and we can go from there OR if you want to guest post but have no idea what to write about I have a few ideas on posts I would like to see.

comment or email me at kkrowan (at) gmail (dot) com

(I'm looking to do a few over the next few months!)


SAHM and Marine Wife said...

I would love to guest post! I think we will have fun. I don't have any ideas yet but I'll definitely talk about a subject that you have in mind.
karakoch at hotmail dot com

Poekitten said...

I'd be willing:) I think in a month or two though would work better for me.

Sara Mac said...

I would LOVE to do a guest post! I'm new to blogging. . .AND new to being a Navy Wife!! I think that there are a ton of subjects we could brainstorm under the "New to the Navy Wife Life" topic.

Let me know what you think, or if you're interested!

sara (dot) mcconnell3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Sara Mac

Just Another MilSpouse said...

I would be interested as well, what are some ideas you had in mind? Are you going to be away for a bit? Is that why you are hosting guests or are you just trying to switch it up a bit? Either way, I would love to be a part of it (if you like my blogging style) lol.

KK said...

Perfect! I want to do a few to change things up, but I will also be out of town for a little over a week in May and thought it would be nice to have things ready to be posted.

The Hapa Girl said...

HI, I would be interested! I'm not quite sure what I would write about, maybe you can throw out some ideas?

Ana said...

I know this is really not about guest posting so feel free to delete this instead of publishing it. I was just wondering if you wouldn't mind emailing me about how it's been on a fast attack. We're trying to decide where to go after this, and since we don't want to go back to Washington for a long list of reasons, Georgia is our only option to stick with Tridents. But, they have only a few boats, so it might not come up for us. Which means we'll have to consider fast attack billets.

So, I have a lot of questions about it, mostly about what the normal working life is like from your perspective. The best thing about Tridents is you get down time from the boat, and since it follows a rhythm, you always kind of know when leave time will be. Fast attack life seems very up in the air all the time. Is that true, or just how it's coming across to me?

What's the best part of it? The worst?

Thanks so much for any info you can give me about it!