Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lack of posting

J got home from his underway a few days ago. When that happens, no matter how short the underway, we get busy. I get my much needed nap and we ran tons of errands. We are slowly preparing for this upcoming Deployment. It seems like it came up on us so quick. I feel a little more emotionally prepared this time. I just keep telling myself "we've done this before, we can do it again". I'm not flying blind into being apart this long, so I think I should handle it a Little better. I have TONS of fun stuff planned to keep me busy and I know that will help.
I'm getting all the stuff together that I want to send with him. I like to have him open a gift a month to keep him going(along with letters every week). If you have any ideas please let me know! I love getting new ideas for stuff like this!
So far I'm making.....
A picture pillowcase (I've done this before and he LOVED it)
A pocket calendar with tons of our pictures on it (does it matter if I put a snowy picture on a not so snowy month? I have a lot of pictures from this winter that I want to use)
Halfway box (no idea for sure whats going in it. Snacks and new toiletries for sure)
......that's it.
Last deployment He was gone for a lot of the holidays. Here is what I made.
The Calendar
A photo book for his birthday
Picture pillowcase
Goodies with a picture from the year priors Halloween
Place mat for Thanksgiving
And a stocking for Christmas (with new PJ pants in it since we always exchange them every year)
I think the holiday ideas I will always keep the same but try to switch up a little bit.


Crazy Shenanigans said...

I love the calendar idea! I think it would fine to put winter pictures in summer months.

fancypants said...

Wow! You are so creative to think of all of that. I feel bad now because I haven't done anything too creative (besides sending lots of goodies) for my sailor for his deployments- but now I think I will.
One thing I have heard some people do is to buy two copies of a book- one for you and one for him. Then you can both read a certain number of pages on each day- and then you can either email or write letters discussing what you have read.
A friend of mine likes to hide things in her sailor's gear before he leaves. So he will find things as he needs/unpacks them- just little silly gifts or treats. I thought that was a cute idea.
You'll have to post any other ideas you come up with- we have a deployment coming up this spring as well.

KK said...

Don't feel bad! My mom says I just think differently. My husband also has gifts hidden around the house and tells me in e-mails when and where to find each one....or he has it mailed to me.

For Landon we have justin hide gifts and read stories on video tape.

The book idea is really neat! We do that with the bible. I always sneek a note in when my husband leaves but I never hide them all over! Great idea!

fancypants said...

I like that your husband hides things as well. I might have mine do that for the kids- they would really enjoy that!