Sunday, March 28, 2010

The other woman.....

Her name is Alex, and shes a bossy little (big) thing. He's with her more then he's with me. She's one of those needy types that can't seem to keep things together and keeps him late because she's "broken" . lol. She even makes him go on long "vacations" with him and I don't hear from him for weeks! hahaha.
As you can tell J is gone out to sea again. This time we went and watched him leave (Lan didn't have school so the times didn't clash!) and Mandy went with us and took some amazing pictures! I know there is a lot of them but they were too neat not to share.
The tug. Getting ready to start pulling it out.
I LOVE this picture of Landon. He's so cute!
J was on top of the boat again. It was so neat getting to see him up there!
Close up. He's the one standing on the far right...glaring at us for dancing around. lol.
Coming down the river. I love being able to go and watch them. It's neat when you see it from far away and they slowly get closer.
I love this spot that we stop at, we always get really great pictures.
Close up. From hundreds of feet away J could see us and was smiling. I think he liked us being there as much as we liked watching him. It was the first time we were able to watch the boat leave with him top-side.
It's so pretty. It was such a nice day out, a little cold but nice and sunny.
Landon & I watching the boat leave.
I love how you can see the boat behind us as they drift off to sea.
I love this one. Mandy gets the most amazing shots of us.

Gone. This is where we start to lose sight of them.


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Aw, these are great pictures! I'm glad you were both able to see him off!

♥Mrs. B.♥ said...

LOVE the bottom picture of you two!

Jen said...

Hi Kim,

You don't know me, I recently found, and started reading your blog, in my quest to find other Navy wives and see how they deal with life in general I guess. :) We're also stationed here in Groton. :) I wanted to let you know that I enjoy your blog, and I actually referenced one of your posts (the one about "hate" being a strong word) in my own personal blog (
and I just wanted to make sure that was alright with you. I don't have many followers except my family right now, so there shouldn't be any weirdos stalking your blog!

Anyway, thanks for your refreshing blog entry's. :)

Adrienne said...

beautiful and uniquie pics...I am thnkaful fo rthe men and women in our service I am sorry your family has to give him up to the other woman =(