Monday, March 22, 2010

Massive picture post!

They have some of the most amazing parks here in Connecticut. So this past weekend we went out to take family pictures before Justin leaves. It was such a nice day out and we never know how the weather is going to be here, so we got them done early just to make sure they got done. These are my favorites out of the 300+ that were taken! I know it's still a lot on here, but I had to share.
They are in reverse order...sorry. I don't want to take the time to switch them all and my photo uploader hates me again today.

Landon in the tree. He was so funny. He hated being in the tree earlier that day, but loved it at the end.
This is one of my favorites. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you would have seen a picture close to this of just Landon and I last deployment.
I love my boys. Landon is looking more and more like Justin everyday and it makes me smile. They are so much alike.
Kisses for the little boy....
....kisses for the big boy.
I kinda like this one to. The haze makes it neat.
This is right about when it started getting a little chilly.
This is my favorite of the two of them that was taken. They had so much fun playing.
Poor Justin hated that I made them match. lol, I thought it was cute!
Favorite family picture. I love the water in the background. Justin wanted to do the "soccer" pose......hence the next picture.
Lol. I was laughing so husband is a dork. But we are a soccer family so I guess it fits.
I love that J is looking down at us.
I ended up cropping Landon out of this He's so funny.
Justin taught Landon the "thinking" pose. Justin does this ALL the time for pictures. It drives me nuts! and now Landon does it!
Boys in the tree! This is where Landon was a little scared. We got some really cute pictures from it though.
Mommy & Landon.
Daddy & Landon.
I love this one!
Ok, I love this one to.....too many to pick from!!!!
I don't really like this one.....but it was a decent one of this pose.
I love him.

This was one of the first ones she took. I messed with the color a little bit.

If you live in CT and you want Mandy to do your pictures let me know and I will get you her contact info. She does the most amazing work (Shes done a few for us. She did pictures for me a few different times during last deployment and Landon's Birthday this year)


Anonymous said...

love harkness

Phoebee said...

Very cute family pictures!

Looks like the weather is finally warming up there?

Amanda said...

those came out great!!