Saturday, March 13, 2010

Married but Dating?

Being a Navy Wife can sometimes be a tricky thing. You move often and have to make friends all over again. Meeting new wives is like dating. Most of the time you get set up or you run into them somewhere, you plan to call or e-mail, you set up a time and place to meet, you get ready not wanting to give this new person the wrong first impression....then you meet. If the meeting goes well you make a second date. It continues.

Sometimes you are friends with people just because you are in the same situation. But everyone is different. I've met some people that I wish I hadn't, been friends with some that I had almost nothing in common with and I've met some of the best friends I could ever imagine. You get an occasional stalker and people you feel awkward running into at the store. But I feel that for every 3 duds I meet I find one of the most amazing people, friends that even if it weren't for them completely understanding me and my nutjob life, I would be friend's with in the real world.

So. Take a chance, put yourself out there. Say "Hi" to the lonely girl at the commissary, she might just be your new best friend(or she will stalk you till you get a ristraining order......kidding! Kinda).